To be the main influencer of the glass industry, and be an exemplary Singapore Association

Mission Statements

  • To instil innovation and transformation within the glass industry and its members through education, collaboration, training and service.
  • To promote better relations and create business opportunities.

Our Objective

  • To foster relation and understanding amongst glass specialists and other contributors to the trade (engineers, contractors etc);
  • To encourage the development of facilities and training of managers, chemists, engineers, researchers and executives of the glass and glazing trade;
  • To provide recreational facilities for the immersion of culture, music and other kinds of social activities;
  • To implement any developmental plans or commercial activities that are for the benefit and good of SGA and its members;
  • To assist members in increasing their business opportunities and attaining higher levels of productivity and proficiency thought various means, including SGA’s affiliations with foreign glass merchants and glaziers associations;
  • To increase public awareness of SGA and its practices by organizing and conducting course seminars and workshops on glass knowledge for the general public;
  • To look after the welfare of members and promote fellowship amongst them, as well as to resolve disputes among members, if any;
  • To identify issues and anticipate trends in the glass merchants and glaziers industry;
  • To represent members in discussions and dialogues with other trade/industry bodies and the government.